April 18th, 2019

New Belgium Brewery, shuttles will be provided from Hilton (next to CSU campus) to and from the event

6:15-6:30pm          Doors open

6:35-6:45pm          Opening remarks, Ed Hall

6:35-9:30pm          Social hour with beers and taco truck



April 19th, 2019

Canvas Stadium, 751 W Pitkin St, Fort Collins

8:00-8:30am         Registration, continental breakfast, and hang posters at Canvas Stadium ORC

Session 1- 6th Floor Canvas Stadium

led by Jan Leach, CSU

8:30-8:40am          Opening Remarks, Kelly Wrighton

8:40-9:05am          Valerie McKenzie, University of Colorado, Boulder: “Ecology of the amphibian skin microbiome”

9:05-9:20am          Angela Oliverio, “Microbial communities of sourdough starters”

9:20-9:35am          3 rapid fire poster talks (5 minutes per talk)

  1. Maggie Stanislawski, “Gut Microbiota Phenotypes of Obesity”
  2. Hannah Holland-Moritz, “Phylogenetic and environmental controls on N-Fixation in the boreal moss microbiome”
  3. Nora Jean Nealon, “Host and gut microbial metabolism of Bifiodbacterium longum-fermented rice bran in healthy mice and bioavailability of antimicrobial and cancer-protective compounds”

9:35-10:10am        Jillian F. Banfield, University of California Berkeley

10:10-10:25am      3 rapid fire poster talks (5 minutes per talk)

  1. Maximilian Bailey, “Exposure to Ambient Air Pollutants and the Composition of the Gut Microbiome in Adolescents from Southern California”
  2. Gary Vanzin, “Microbiology of an energy positive multiple compartment anaerobic reactor system treating domestic wastewater”
  3. Heather Deel, “Microbial clues in decomposing human bones: a new forensic tool”

10:25-10:30am      Migrate to OCR for poster session

Session 2- ORC Canvas Stadium

led by Mike Wilkins, CSU

10:35-11:20am      Poster Session A

11:20-12:05pm      Poster Session B

12:10-12:25pm     Group photo on the Field     

Session 3- 6th Floor Canvas Stadium

led by Zaid Abdo, CSU

12:25-1:15pm        Lunch

1:15-1:30pm          David Vuono, “Resource concentration drives pathway selection between denitrification and ammonification in a dual-pathway Actinobacterium”

1:30-1:55pm           Annika Mosier, University of Colorado , Denver: “Impacts of antibiotic pollution on freshwater nitrogen cycling bacteria”

1:55-2:10pm           Keith Hazleton, “Diet Modulates Clostridioides difficile pathogenesis through host and microbe bile acid metabolism”      

2:10-2:40m             Ed Yong Book Signing, coffee and snacks will be provided

Session 4- 6th Floor Canvas Stadium

led by Matt Wallenstein, CSU

2:40-3:05pm            Hannah Cunningham-Hollinger, University of Wyoming: “Maternal Influences on Rumen Microbial Colonization and Impacts on Host Performance”

3:05-3:20pm            Vanessa Varaljay, “Functional genomics of lipases relevant to biodegradation of polymeric coatings”

3:20-3:45pm            Pankaj Trievdi, Colorado State University: “Harnessing Phytobiome to cure citrus greening disease”

3:45-4:00pm            Break

Session 5- 6th Floor Canvas Stadium

led by Mikayla Borton, CSU

4:00-4:35pm            Ed Yong, The Atlantic: “Telling Stories About Microbes And The People Who Study Them”

4:35-5:00pm            Panel discussion with Ed Yong led by GRAM

5:00pm                    Closing remarks, Jessica Metcalf