Graduate Researchers Across Microbiomes (GRAM) is a student organization at CSU that aims to foster academic crosstalk and create scientific dialog among graduate students and postdoctoral researchers working in the field of microbiome research. We are composed of early career scientists (undergraduate students, graduate students, and post-doctoral researchers) affiliated with multiple departments researching many microbiomes, including animals, environment, humans, and agriculture.

The Front Range Microbiome Symposium planning, funding, and operation will be significantly supported by GRAM, with many members serving in leadership roles.

Bridget McGivern
GRAM Steering Committee Representative
Mikayla Borton
GRAM Organizing Committee Representative
Steven Lakin
Symposium Liaison
Courtland Kelly
Registration Coordinator
Aeriel Belk
Poster Session Coordinator
Heather Deel
Poster Session Coordinator
Kaela Amundson
Advertising and Promotional Coordinator
Josue Rodriguez Ramos
New Belgium Host

It is our hope that the Front Range Microbiome Symposium will provide an opportunity for professional development, offer a venue for early career scientists at CSU to present their individual work, and provide support to early career scientists.